Pop-up blocker info app bar


Parent: Info app bar
Primary Actors: Metro Firefox user
Brief Description/Goal
As a Metro Firefox user visiting a site with pop-ups, I'm notified of the blocking so that I can make a choice between allowing the pop-ups for this site one time, always allowing pop-ups from this site, or never allowing pop-ups from this site.
Success Guarantee:
The pop-up blocker info app bar slid into view, informed the user that pop-ups were blocked, and gave the user options to allow once, always allow, or never allow pop-ups from that site.
Use Case Status: Base
Release: New
Main Success Scenario:
  1. The Metro Firefox user visits http://www.popuptest.com/popuptest1.html
  2. The page loads and the user sees an info app bar slide down telling the user that Firefox has blocked 6 pop-ups on the left side three buttons on the right side for each of Allow once, Always allow, and Never allow.
  3. The user taps a button to make a choice or taps the content area to dismiss the Pop-up blocker info app bar.
Are there any other info bars we show to users in desktop that are for Firefox telling the user about something related to the site they're visiting?  Maybe the missing plug-ins notice? We should use something like "Click to play in desktop Firefox" for that. Are there any others where users could be broken by content if Firefox can't message them with an info app bar?